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November 2019

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Nov 28nd and 29rd, 2019.
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WebXam Announces Release of New Pathway Practice Tests for 2019-2020 Project Year

Staff are pleased to announce that five new pathway practice tests (for IT pathways, including the new pathway CyberSecurity) have been posted for use by both teachers and students. These practice tests, each with 20 items, represent a sample from all the end-of-course item banks for that pathway. There are items from all courses included in the pathway. Please note that none of these items are included on the pretest or posttest - their purpose is to simulate the experience of the post-tests.

Available Practice Tests

DC and AC Electronic Circuits (175011) Available for Retake

The DC and AC Electronic Circuits (175011) subject code was retired this year and replaced by two new subject codes: 175100 (AC Electronic Circuits) and 175105 (DC Electronic Circuits). Students that tested in 175011 that need to retest can take the 175011 RETAKE test again this year. It is ONLY available for students that did not score at a proficient level in previous years.

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WebXam User's Workshop Recordings Available

The WebXam User's Workshop was held at CETE in Columbus on October 9th. Video recordings of the webinar have been posted online for users who were not able to attend (segmented into specific sections). This workshop highlights navigating and using the WebXam system. Teachers and administrators new to the WebXam system are encouraged to watch, but the workshop will also serve as a worthwhile refresher for experienced users. If the matter is NOT urgent, viewing this recording is the first step our support personnel are likely to ask about when you call or submit an email ticket.

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Share Your Expertise - Participate in Upcoming Item-Writing Workshop

We are going to be writing for Construction during the 2019-2020 school year. Workshops are in progress and we still need SMEs specifically in Plumbing, Masonry, and Architecture. If you are an instructor for this career field in any courses, we need you to help us write new items for new course tests. If you are interested in participating for these writing workshops, please visit http://go.osu.edu/item-writing and tell us more about yourself. Be sure to sign up today - SMEs are KEY to CETE!

What is a SME?

Test Blueprints are Available

Additional testing blueprints are now available for most tests at the WebXam About the Tests page. Prior to 2015-16, a different method was used whereas starting that year test blueprints were reviewed by the subject-matter experts at the beginning of the item-writing process and were used to determine the percentage of items written to each outcome. In both cases, however, the blueprints reflect the structure of the item bank at the strand-outcome level. Percentages on the blueprint are approximate, and do not reflect the exact percentage of items from each standard that are on the test. Blueprints are important because they allow teachers to build classroom activities around the course outlines knowing the distribution of the test items to the outcomes. The WebXam support team is working on a new version of this tool and will inform the field when it is available.

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Teacher Review Workshops Now Available

WebXam Teacher Review workshops allow career-technical education instructors a formal opportunity to review-rate and comment on finalized WebXam tests (once per cycle of 4-5 years). Teacher Reviews are held in Columbus, Ohio, throughout the school year. More information, including cost and registration, can be found at the link below.

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Learn More About the Tests

CTE Program and Assessment Matrix

The CTE Program and Assessment Matrix is designed to help educators identify the tests required for their CTE pathway programs. Details about programs and assessments can be downloaded for FY2019 and are available in draft form for FY2020.

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About the Tests

The WebXam About the Test page lists important details about the CTE tests currently offered in WebXam. Details include how many questions are in the test, whether the test is in field testing, what the cutoff score is, whether pretests are available, and what the rules are for passing the pathway test.

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December Teacher Test Review

More information can be found here.


First day of winter pretesting

Pretests are available for winter window.


January Teacher Test Review

More information can be found here.


Last day of winter pretesting

Pretesting tests closed for the year.

Calendar dates subject to change. For most up-to-date info see the calendar.
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