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May 2019

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IT Field Testing is Reopened

Due to a number of districts not participating in the WebXam testing window for the Information Technology career field, we are making an exception this year and reopening the testing window on Monday, May 6 and closing on Friday, May 31. Students taking the Information Technology end of course exam will be tested on the final forms, which contain 40 questions. Students that have already taken IT Field Tests do not need to retake them.

All WebXam deadlines are available at the WebXam Calendar.

WebXam User's Survey

We need your feedback to make WebXam the best tool for you and your students. Please consider participating in the WebXam User's Survey to inform us of your user experience and provide us with feedback.

WebXam User's Survey

Engineering/Manufacturing Validation is Coming Soon

We are validating Engineering & Manufacturing items on June 4thand 5th. We will provide both reimbursement and stipends for your participation. If you are interested in joining us, please visit http://go.osu.edu/EM-item-writing and complete our registration survey or email CETE Recruiting.

We're item-writing for Construction Trades Next Year - WE WILL NEED YOU

We will be creating new test item banks for Construction Technologies across three pathways: Structural, Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing, & Design and Management during the 2019-20 school year! If you're interested in participating, please visit http://go.osu.edu/CT-item-writing, or email CETE Recruiting. We're looking forward to working with you.

For more information on participating in the item-writing process as a subject matter expert, please visit our page, What is a SME?

Testimonials - we want to hear from you!

Have you recently participated in an Engineering & Manufacturing item-writing workshop? If so, we love to hear about your positive experience networking with fellow teachers and working to make future tests a success. Please email us a written (or recorded) testimonial outlining the wonderful experience you had with us. Be sure to include your name, school, and what you teach, along with your positive experience. You may be featured in future newsletters or on the WebXam News website!

Submit your testimonials

Reminder - No Pretesting for Engineering & Manufacturing in 2020

Staff reminds you that the pretests for Engineering and Manufacturing will not be available next year (2019-20) due to field testing of item banks now under revision. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at webxam@osu.edu.

Teaching Professions Clarification on Education Principles Retakes

Technical support receives occasional inquiries about retaking Education Principles (350010) which has two scored components, an End-of-Course (EoC) Test and a Portfolio. If this course is not passed as a junior, it is possible to retake the assessment package as a senior. Due to the course score being a composite of the components the best strategy is to retake the EoC test and resubmit the portfolio as a senior (with any revisions suggested by assessors or an additional year of learning experiences). Rescoring will only take place if both the test and portfolio are resubmitted in the same year.

Professional Development Offerings

CETE has a series of professional development offerings focused on the importance of testing, WebXam Quick start guides, creating quality multiple-choice test items, and the award-winning Multiple-Choice Mayhem.These modules are free and can be found here: http://u.osu.edu/ceteassessment/pd/.

Learn More About the Tests

CTE Program and Assessment Matrix

The CTE Program and Assessment Matrix is designed to help educators identify the tests required for their CTE pathway programs. Details about programs and assessments can be downloaded for FY2019 and are available in draft form for FY2020.

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About the Tests

The WebXam About the Test page lists important details about the CTE tests currently offered in WebXam. Details include how many questions are in the test, whether the test is in field testing, what the cutoff score is, whether pretests are available, and what the rules are for passing the pathway test.

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