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Fall Pretesting Closing 9/14/18

Be sure you have all your pretesting completed by Friday. For the latest news and information about WebXam, visit the one-stop News site. As of September 12th, 44,279 pretests have been given during the fall pretesting window across the state of Ohio!

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Post Testing Window Opens in October

Beginning October 1st, 2018, WebXam will post all available tests. Teachers and administrators should reference the FY19 Assessment Matrix on ODE's website for guidance on which tests are available for your courses.

  • Pathway-based practice tests contain 20 items and are designed to provide students and teachers an opportunity to experience taking a WebXam test to become familiar with the item types and the testing system. Results are not used for reporting purposes.
  • Field tests contain 80-100 items, and their purpose is to collect data on newly developed item banks.
  • Posttests contain 40-items and are finalized test forms with delivery required after course instruction is complete. Posttests results are reported to EMIS by local districts.

Visit the WebXam Calendar and News site for more information.

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WebXam User's Workshop on 10/11/18

The 2018-2019 WebXam User's Workshop will take place at CETE on October 11th. Learn how to navigate the new system, conduct tests, and run reports. Teachers and administrators new to WebXam are encouraged to attend this informational session. If you can't attend, you can watch a live recording on our News site. See below for more information and to register.

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Share Your Expertise - Be a SME!

We are looking for subject-matter experts (SMEs) in Cybersecurity for a new pathway being developed for the IT career field. There is one more writing session for this pathway in mid-October; if you're interested in participating, please visit http://go.osu.edu/item-writing and complete our registration survey. We will be finalizing our participant list soon, so sign up today!

We are also going to be writing for Engineering and Manufacturing during the 2018-19 school year, starting in October! If you are an instructor for these career fields, we need you to help us rewrite most of the course tests. If you are interested in participating for these writing workshops, please visit http://go.osu.edu/EM-item-writing and tell us more about yourself. Be sure to sign up today - SMEs are KEY to CETE!

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Teacher Review Workshops

WebXam Teacher Review Workshops allow career-technical education instructors a formal opportunity to comment on finalized WebXam tests. More information, including cost and registration, can be found at the link below.

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Results of Instructor-Administrator Survey for Relating Teacher Effectiveness to Student Gain

Analysis of the results of an online survey of Ohio CTE Instructors and local Administrators, conducted by WebXam psychometric staff, resulted in the following values for the five levels of teacher effectiveness:

Effectiveness Level New Raw Score Gain (basis:40) Previous Values (2014-18)
Most Effective57
Above Average46
Approaching Average22-3
Least Effective1 1

(note: student gain is one component of overall teacher effectiveness and depends on LEA policies)

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CTE Assessment Matrix

The CTE Program and Assessment System Matrix is designed to help educators identify the tests required for their CTE pathway programs. The Matrix document identifies which WebXam tests should be taken based on CTE Pathway Name, Course Subject Code, and student grade level.

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About the Assessments

The WebXam About the Assessments page lists important details about the CTE tests currently offered in WebXam. Details include how many questions are in the test, whether the test is in field testing, what the cutoff score is, whether pretests are available, and what the rules are for passing the pathway test.

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Last day of fall pretesting
Last day for pretests until winter window


First day Field Tests and Finalized Tests released
Post Tests are available for testing


WebXam User's Workshop
More information can be found here.


  Calendar dates subject to change. For the most up-to-date info see the calendar.