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Practice Tests, Field Tests, and Posttests Now Available

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Beginning 10/2/17, WebXam posted most available tests. Teachers and administrators should reference the Assessment Matrix on ODE's website for guidance on which tests are available for your courses.

  • Pathway-based practice tests contain 20 items and are designed to provide students and teachers an opportunity to experience taking a WebXam test to become familiar with the item types and the testing system. Results are never used for reporting purposes, but are a convenient way for teachers and students to work through released items for familiarization and to see the scope of items across pathway courses.
  • Field tests contain 80-100 items, and their purpose is to collect data on newly developed test questions.
  • Posttests contain 40-items and are finalized test forms required after course instruction is complete. Posttests results are reported to EMIS by local districts using data supplied by CETE.

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WebXam User’s Workshop Recording Now Available

A WebXam User's Workshop was held at CETE on 10/11. If you were unable to attend, you can view an online recoding of the training session below.

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Teacher Effectiveness Survey for OTES Gain score Mapping

WebXam requests your participation in a brief online survey. Participants will be asked to consider the levels of teacher effectiveness as stated by the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and provide judgments about how student gain links to different levels. The survey will remain open until late December.

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WebXam Announces Release of New Pathway Practice Tests for 2017-18 Project Year

Staff are pleased to announce that 16 new pathway practice tests, each, have been posted for use by both teachers and students. These practice tests, each with 20 items, represent a sample from all of the end-of-course item banks - their purpose is to simulate the experience of the post-tests.

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We’re Looking for IT SMEs!

Are you an IT instructor or professional? We are looking for subject-matter-experts (SMEs) in IT for the item-writing process for 2018. If you’re interested in participating, please visit http://go.osu.edu/IT-item-writing and complete our registration survey! We will be finalizing our lists soon, so sign up today!

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Graduation Requirements/Reporting

The Ohio Department of Education is reviewing the graduation requirements and the reporting required for those requirements. Be sure to reach out to your pathway consultant for more information.

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Teacher Test Reviews

WebXam Teacher Test Review workshops allow career-technical education instructors a formal opportunity to review the WebXam operational tests. The review workshops are held in Columbus, or as a second option, hosted offsite at a local district through special arrangements. More information, including cost and registration, can be found at the link below.

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Test Security Rulebook

Teachers and administrators who access the WebXam website to administrate or deliver tests are required to agree to the WebXam User Agreement, which includes acceptance of the revised Test Security Rule Book. Users will be prompted to confirm acceptance of these policies the first time they access WebXam each school year. The Test Security Rulebook can be found below.

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First day of winter pretesting
Pretests are available for winter window.


January Teacher Test Review
More information can be found here.


Last day of winter pretesting
Pretesting tests closed for the year.


February Teacher Test Review
More information can be found here.


March Teacher Test Review
More information can be found here.


Last day for submitting student upload files
More information can be found here.


April Teacher Test Review
More information can be found here.


Last day for Posttests if using Pretest for student gain
More information can be found here.


Last day for students to take field tests
More information can be found here.


Last day for WebXam testing
More information can be found here.